Friday, May 29, 2009

Integrate 2 Yahoo Mail IDs in a Single Inbox

Every day or other we sign up for a new service in different sites and in all those the basic step is to provide your email id. You don’t want to compromise your personal and private email id and it’s also too hard to manage if you have too many email IDs, one for your friends and another for signing up with different sites or any place where you have to give your ID to a third party. Yahoo helps to have 2 separate email ids in a single inbox, one you can use as your personal email ID and another for other purposes.

Login to Yahoo using this link and it will give you the option to choose another new Yahoo ID which you can use for non-personal use or any other use. After Signing up for the new ID, the new ID will be integrated with the ID that was used to sign in the beginning. Now you will receive all the mails directed to both the email ids in the same inbox. When you send a mail, you can select the email id that to be displayed from a drop down menu.

You can also use this new Yahoo ID to login in all Yahoo services and the new ID will have the same password as the main ID. If you want you can change the new ID to be the main Yahoo ID in the mail settings.

As of now Yahoo is providing only two mail IDs to be integrated and in the future, I guess, they should be increasing this number. They are also currently not providing options to integrate with two already created IDs because of hacking concern. They also allow you to drop the newly created ID and create a new subsidiary ID twice in a year. This dual Yahoo ID will be great step in protecting your privacy.

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