Monday, May 18, 2009

JPT Questions

Q - In a pond, there are 10 fishes... One of them dies... and the water level of the pond increases. How?A - The other 9 fish are crying

Two hair strands on a bald man's head fall in love with each other and want to get married, but cannot. Why?
Because under Nepalese law, "baal vivaah" is illegal.

What is the name of Jackie Chan's Mother-in-law?
A. D-COLD Total (Chan ki Saans!)

Now, Answer this.....

What is the name of Jackie Chan’s Daughter-in-law?
A. D-COLD Total (Kyunki Saans bhi kabhi Bahu thi!!)

Srinath gives a Pepsi bottle to Kumble But, Kumble passes it to Sehwag. Why ?
Because Sehwag is the Opener.

Once an Auto rickshaw driver goes into NO ENTRY.
The Police does not catch him. Why?
Ans. Because he was walking.

What would u call a Gal who never laughs....?

What would u call a Gal who always pushes her father ....?
(Though none of the good girls like me do it....I mean girls love their father......)

An elephant has 5 bananas and it is hungry, but yet it does not eat the bananas. Why?
Because the bananas are made of plastic.

The 5 bananas are real , but yet the elephant does not eat it. Why?
Because the elephant is made of plastic.

Both the elephant and the bananas are real, but yet it cannot eat it.Why ?
Because the bananas are in the TV.

Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?
Because they are on different channels.

Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV and on the same channel, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?
Because the TV is off.

One fine morning, Ravan felt guilty for all his bad deeds. He felt that he should go an apologise to Ram for all the problems he had caused.

So he went to Ram's house and knocked on the door. Shri Ram opened the door and was surprised to find Ravan standing there. 

Ravan just kept staring and thinking but didn't say a word. What was he thinking?

Ans: "Kis mooh se maafi maangoon?" (Literally......Remember, Ravan has 10 heads....) 

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