Friday, June 19, 2009

Flood your friends computer with messages using net send

‘Net Send’ sends messages to other computers in a network, and can even be used to send messages to computers outside of networks by sending messages to an IP. Because of this, Microsoft disabled it in ‘Service Pack 2′, but you can enable it by going to ‘Run’ under the Start menu, typing in ’services.msc’, and pressing ‘OK’. Then, scroll down the list of services until you find ‘Messenger’. Right click and press ‘Start’.

We are going to combine net send with a batch file to flood a computer in your network with messages.

The comand to send messages to a computer in your network is

net send

Here is an exmaple, i am sending a message to myself.

net send docomo hello BijayMishra

Here docomo is my computer name.

Combining net send with a batch file:

Now we are going to execute net send command 1000 number of times using a batch file. Here is a step by step procedure

Open notepad and type “net send message

copy and paste the same command in the note pad some 200 to 300 times.( 200 to 300 windows will pop up on your victims comp one after the other)

Now save the file as name.bat (make sure you select all files in “Save as type while saving”)

Now double click the batch file to flood your friends computer.

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