Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Speed Up My Computer?

The are many ways to answer the question " How to speed up my computer?" However, its only normal that your PC becomes a bit sluggish if you failed to run routine maintenance task. This is the cause of about 80% of cases of slow computer performance. By performing a few task to tune up your PC, you will be rewarded with a computer that runs smoothly and at its original factory speed.


•Corrupted registry--A corrupted registry will eat up your resources and bog your computer down with errors and conflicts. Remedy this by cleaning your registry.

•Low Free Space on Your Hard Drive-- No free space can be caused by a your Windows cache files becoming full. Cleaning them out to make more space. Duplicate registry files also slow your PC down and eat up valuable disk space.

•Insufficient RAM-- RAM is important for your PC speed. However, depending on your activity. You may need to upgrade or you may benefit by increasing your Virtual memory to get more mileage out your existing RAM.

•Slow Hard Drive-- The hard drive is cornerstone of your system. It must be kept in lean and run efficiently. However without the proper maintenance it is nothing more than a hulking lethargic monster. Visit this page to keep your hard drive healthy.

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