Friday, July 3, 2009

How to infect people using your USB - flashdrive

Many hackers doesn't like transferrings their viruses using USB sticks since the victim must start the file for it to take effect. That's why i added this hack. Here we will make the virus of yours autostart when USB stick is inserted.

This is how you do:
• 1. Place the virusfile on the USB stick.
• 2. Create a textfile in there too and paste this code in it:

action=Start the game

Save this as autorun.ini on the flash drive.

Also get a nice tricky icon for any game to attract the victim to press OK. Name them as you want and replace the given names in the autorun.ini file. All files must be on the ROOT directory.

You can also replace the last line with this one to automaticly open your website: shellexecute=

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