Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Extract Texts from Images & PDF Files

We all know that sometimes we are unable to copy texts from some Image files and PDF files.But OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is cool which help you to analyze an image and recognize the text within the image.This short tutorial will show how to extract texts from images and pdf files.OCR Terminal is a free online ‘Optical Character Recognition’ tool that can convert scanned images and PDF files into searchable text.

It will allows you to upload an image and download a text searchable document in a variety of editable formats.

Steps :
1.Select the PDF file or an Image from where you want to extract the text.

2.Click on Upload

3.Once you done with uploading the file or an image, it will ask you for the confirmation and will show you the preview window.

4.After your confirmation at will ask you to save output text in different formats like PDF,RTF,text or Microsoft Word. Choose the option. That’s it !

Supported Input File Formats :
PDF files: All types of PDF files including multi-page PDFs
TIFF files: Black and white, grey and full colour supported. Compressed TIFFs and multipage TIFFs supported
JPEG, JPEG 2000 Grey and colour JPEGs supported
Other image formatsBlack and white,grey and colour BMPs, PNGs and GIFs supported
Output in PDF, RTF, TXT, Microsoft word and more.

Note : You get 20 free pages every month. Pages are topped up on the 1st of every month.You have to register before use.

Register at:

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