Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Restore Previously Closed Tabs in IE8

Human errors are always possible. Some time during browsing we accidentally close a tab of a website using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8. Now, Let me tell you that Internet Explorer 8 has built-in function of storing 10 previously opened websites/tabs and also saves history. Now if you have closed some tabs forgetfully and want to reopen those tabs and websites there are very easy steps to restore or reopen those accidentally closed tabs in IE8.

Restore Internet Explorer Tabs Using Keyboard Shortcuts.

Press Ctrl + Shift + T from your keyboard at once. This will restore the latest closed tab. Now will again press Ctrl + Shift + T another tab that was closed prior before the latest closed tab will be restored. If you want to open more previously closed tabs or websites, Press Ctrl + Shift + T again and you can use this function up to 10 times in total. That means you can restore only 10 previously closed tabs/websites using Internet Explorer 8.

There is another function in Internet Explorer 8. By using this function you can see 10 previously closed websites/tabs with titles and more details. For applying this function, press Ctrl + T from your keyboard, this will open a new Tab in IE8 Tab bar. On this page, there will be a Reopen closed tabs section where you will see a list of 10 websites which were visited previously. Just Click on the title of webpage which you want to open again. There is also a link below all the website titles with text Open All. Just Click on this link if you want to open all 10 previously closed tabs/websites accidentally or forgetfully.

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