Saturday, August 15, 2009

Try Out Application or Operating System Within Your Web Browser Without Installation

Have you ever imagined to test Application or even a Operating System without taking the time to download and install it first ? Yay ! it proves you can.

Click2try is a website which offers us to try out around 50 desktop applications and 3 Linux distributions from your web browser. you can access the application or use the operating system from your web browser without installing it. You can Eliminate the usual software headaches like hardware purchase, software license, etc. All you need is Java and a good modern browser in order to run the applications. Internet Explorer 7 above, Firefox , Google Chrome and Safari all works.

You can try any application without Signing up with the site. If you want to save your sessions you need to signup for a free account. You can also purchase a subscription if you want to access an application for an extended period of time or run more than one application at a time.

Click2try deals now with 9 catalog's like Business, Education, Linux, Office, Software Development, System or Network Admin, Utilities, Vertical Applications and Web Development. In each catalog you can find different categories - If say Business, it has different categories like Accounting , E-commerce, etc.

Some screenshots when i used Ubuntu

My Favorites are Ubuntu and WordPress. I tried my hand on Ubuntu (because i have installed Windows OS in my System) and I also tried working on WordPress (thinking to shift to it). You can also try Forums PhpBB which is placed under Web development catalog. some famous Click2try includes Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and CentOS Linux distributions and applications including Chandler, Filezilla, Oxygen Office, WordPress, Drupla, and Joomla.

Click2try - Homepage:

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