Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tips to get rid of dandruff

Losing out your hair to dandruff? Don't fret, we bring some easy tips to get rid of the flaky dandruff problem forever...

- Avoid oily and junk food since they are among the main reasons for dandruff.

- Applying fermented curd on your scalp and hair for an hour is another popular remedy.

- Dandruff is more common in dry hair - get into the habit of oiling your hair as often as you can.

- Make a mixture of olive oil and ginger root and apply it on your scalp. This reduces dandruff and also keeps the hair healthy.

- Avoid colouring or streaking your hair if you suffer from a dandruff problem - it will only worsen your problem.

- Take a bit of sandalwood oil and thrice the amount of lemon juice to make a paste. Keep this mixture on your scalp for some time and then wash off.

- Curtail drinking caffeine as well as eating sweet things like chocolates, pastries and sugar.

- Rinsing your scalp with lemon juice works wonders in getting rid of dandruff.

- If you have found that dandruff shampoos have not helped eliminate your problem, then you may want to consider using vinegar. Mix half a mug of warm water with half of vinegar and pour it over your scalp and rinse out thoroughly.

- Make a paste of two egg whites mixed with lime juice and apply it on your scalp. This also gives you relief from an itchy scalp.

-Make a mixture of almond oil and olive oil and apply it on your scalp. Wash it off after about five minutes.

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