Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World’s Ten Most Corrupt Leaders

सन् २००४ मा ट्रान्सपरेन्सी इन्टरनेशनल ले र्सार्वजनिक गरेको संसारका सबैभन्दा घुस्याहा नेताहरु
1. Mohamed Suharto [President of Indonesia (1967–1998)] $15–35 billion
2. Ferdinand Marcos [President of the Philippines (1972–1986)] 5–10 billion
3. Mobutu Sese Seko [President of Zaire (1965–1997)] 5 billion
4. Sani Abacha [President of Nigeria (1993–1998)] 2–5 billion
5. Slobodan Milosevic [President of Serbia/Yugoslavia(1989–2000)] 1 billion
6. Jean-Claude Duvalier [President of Haiti (1971–1986)] 300–800 million
7. Alberto Fujimori [President of Peru (1990–2000)] 600 million
8. Pavlo Lazarenko [Prime Minister of Ukraine (1996–1997)] 114–200 million
9. Arnoldo Alemán [President of Nicaragua (1997–2002)] 100 million
10. Joseph Estrada [President of the Philippines (1998–2001)] 78–80 million

*अंकहरु सबै अमेरिकी डलरमा छन्

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