Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to convert Batch file(*.bat) to an Exe file(*.exe)?

If you are making a batch file for some work and don’t won’t to share the source code of that batch file then this post may helps you by converting batch file(*.bat) to an (*.exe) file. This gives professional look to your work(after converting batch file to exe file it seems like a software).

Steps to convert a batch file(*.bat) to an Executable file(*.exe):

First download the Batch To Exe converter Here (http://www.f2ko.de/English/b2e/download.php)

Select the Batch file that you need to convert in Batch File to an Exe File

Select the path where to save the EXE file

In option tab see visibility option this option determines how to run your exe file there are two option:

Visible application(2): If you select this option your Exe file will run link a normal software i.e working of your batch file will be visible(like a normal installation)

Invisible application(3): If you select this option your batch file working process(installation) process will be hidden

Encryption(3): If you need to protect the Exe file with a password then select this option(3) and enter the password there. Whenever you run an exe file it will ask password to Run it.

To add an icon and software information to an Exe file then select the Version Information tab in this you will see the Icon adding option and software information

After completing all the above steps click on the compile button in the bottom then your Batch file will be converted to an executable file i.e and *.exe file

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