Friday, December 11, 2009

How to add Recent Posts, Recent Comments and Random Post Widgets in Blogger?

To increase the number of page views per user you need to add links so that the user does not leave the site.

This can be solved by adding links to other posts. You can display recent posts and recent comments just by following these simple steps:

1.Go to Layout>Page Elements
2.Then click on Add Gadget
3.Then click on the Feed Gadget
4.For the Recent Posts widget put the following link in the Feed url:
Your-blog-name – Should be link of your blog (e.g

Now just change the title to Recent Posts and then click save.
After saving the widget you can drag it to any place of your choice.

5. Similarly to add the Recent Comments put the following link in the Feed url:

The only drawback of these widgets is that they can show maximum five links.

What is Random Posts Widget?
This widget displays random links of posts from your blog. This is differant from Recent posts or Popular Posts. This widget helps you as it brings some unpopular posts to your visitors.

How can I get this widget?
Sign in to Blogger >> Layout >> Page Elements >> Add a Gadget >> HTML/Java Script.

Now add following code in that:

Now save it.

numofpost=6 - It shows no. of random posts to be displayed.
wordnumber=5 - It shows length of post summary

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