Saturday, June 5, 2010

BatchBlitz : Resize Multiple Photos at once

What if we have lots of images to be resized into some other dimension simultaneously?

BatchBlitz is a free photo resizer for the Windows operating system that lets you batch-process your photos using customizable actions. You can save your action settings to a task file and reuse it later.

Actions allow you to filter source files (using regular expressions, for example), rename and convert images, as well as add watermarks, resize/rotate canvas, apply automatic color corrections, etc. The instant preview will give you a better idea of the actual effects.

In a typical batch processing task, you simply select some source images, specify where and how to store the output files, define one or more actions, and then start the task with a click.

Basically, three steps are involved in a batch image editing task:

1) Select multiple image files as the source;
2) Specify where and how to store the processed images;
3) Define one or more actions that you want to perform on the source images.

Then you can start the task.

Step 1: Select Source Images
The Source view is where you define the collection of source images for batch processing.

Like in Windows Explorer, a Folders pane and a Files pane help you browse for images. You can drag files or folders from Folders pane, Files pane or Windows Explorer into the Source Images list.

You can filter filters in the list interactively using regular expressions.

Step 2: Specify Output Location and Options
In Output view, you specify where and how to store the processed images.

You can perform in-place editing, or you can put all processed files into a specified folder.

Duplicate file may exist when saving the processed image. In this case, you can choose to rename the file to be saved automatically, or simply overwrite that duplicate.

Step 3: Define Actions
In Actions view, you define one or more actions you want to perform on your images.

Most of the actions can be added multiple times. For example, you may want to add two "Add Text" actions, one for a slogan, the other for your website URL.

By default, added actions are inactive (the Active option is unchecked). You have to activate an action before it can be executed. Also, a task cannot get started if no active actions are present.

To edit properties of an action, just double-click the action item in the list. An "Action Properties" dialog will then pop up.

Now You Can Start the Task!

Just choose menu option Task > Start, or simply click toolbar button

Download BatchBlitz

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