Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aarti for Computer Professional --Om Jai Google Hare !!

Om Jai Google Hare !!

Swami Om Jai Google hare

Programmer’s ke sankat, Developers ke Sankat,

Click main door kare!!

Om Jai Google Hare !!

Jo Dhyawe vo pawe,

dukh bin se man ka, Swami dukh bin se man ka,

Homepage ki sampatti lawe, Homework ki sampatti karave

kasht mite work ka,

Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Tum puran seach engine

Tum hi internet yaami, Swami Tum hi internet yaami

Par karo hamari Salari, Par karo hamari apprisal,

Tum dunia ke swami,

Swami Om Jai Google hare.

Tum information ke saagar,

Tum palan karta, swami Tum palan karta,

Main moorakh khalkamii, Main Searcher tum Server-ami

Tum karta dhartaa !!

Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Din bandhu dukh harta,

tum rakshak mere, Swami tum thakur mere,

Apni search dikhaao, sare reasearch karao

Site par khada mein tere,

Swami Om Jai Google hare!!

Google devta ki aarti jo koi programmer gaawe,

Swami jo koi bhi programmer gaawe,

Kehet SUN swami, MS hari har swami,

Manwaanchhit fal paawe.

Swami Om Jai Google hare.


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