Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 Things You Should Know about Nokia

1. The ringtone “Nokia tune” is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named “Gran Vals” by Spanish musician Francisco Tárrega.

2. The Nokia Tune (ringtone) was originally named “Grande Valse” on Nokia phones but was changed to “Nokia Tune” around 1998 when it became so well known that people referred to it as the “Nokia Tune.”

3. The world’s first commercial GSM call was made in 1991 in Helsinki over a Nokia-supplied network, by Prime Minister of Finland Harri Holkeri, using a Nokia phone.

4. In 2006 Nokia was the world’s largest digital camera manufacturer, as the sales of its camera-equipped mobile phones exceeded those of any conventional camera manufacturer.

5. The “Special” tone available to users of Nokia phones when receiving SMS (text messages) is actually Morse code for “SMS”.

6. The “Ascending” Nokia SMS tone is Morse code for “Connecting People,” Nokia’s slogan.

7. The “Standard” Nokia SMS tone is Morse code for “M” (Message).

8. The Nokia mobile phone User’s Guides mostly use the Agfa Rotis Sans font.

9. In Asia, the digit 4 never appears in any Nokia handset model number, because 4 is considered unlucky in many parts of Southeast/East Asia.

10. Nokia was listed as the 20th most admirable company worldwide in Fortune’s list of 2006 (1st in network communications, 4th non-US company).

11. Unlike other modern day handsets, Nokia phones do not automatically start the call timer when the call is connected, but start it when the call is initiated. (Except for Series 60 based handsets like the Nokia 6600).

12. The name of the town of Nokia originated from the river which flowed through Finnish town.

13. Nokia’s first iconic product, the Nokia 2100 series that was introduced in 1994, sold nearly 20 million units in its time.

14. The world’s best-selling phone, the Nokia 3310 / 3330 sold 126 million units from its launch in 2000 until its “retirement” earlier in 2005.

15. The combined total of all Nokia phones sold between 1991 and 1998 is 100 million.

16. Nokia sold their one billionth mobile phone - a Nokia 1100 sold in Nigeria. Reported on 21-09-05.

17. If all the Nokia 3310/3330 phones sold were laid end-to-end, the line would stretch from Helsinki, Finland to Santiago, Chile - over 13,500 kilometers.

18. In 1991 Nokia sold 800,000 phones. In 2004, it manufactured 207.7 million phones, which equals 6.5 phones per second.

19. Nokia consumes 100 billion components on annual level. On average, one phone includes up to 400 components.

20. The first Nokia mobile phone ever made is the Mobira Senator released in 1982.

21. Besides Mobile phones, Nokia also manufactures Digital Televisions, ADSL Modems, Wireless LAN interfaces, Telephone switches, GPS devices, Terrestrial trunked radios, and Security Solutions.

22. “By the first quarter of next year 4 billion people will be using a mobile phone. One billion of these will be Nokia phones” - Olli-Pekka Kallavuo

23. “Nokia has the largest consumer base for any consumable product in the World” - Olli-Pekka Kallavuo

24. “The top selling game for Nokia N-Gage is Creatures of the Deep – a fishing sim” - Lenn Pryor, Vice President of Product Marketing – Services and Software, Nokia.

25. The 2009 Mobile World Congress Nokia received two awards, an award for Best Mobile Internet Service thanks to Nokia Sports Tracker and Outstanding Environmental Contribution award (with a charger that features alerts that inform users to unplug their chargers after the battery of a device is full).

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