Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hide a RAR file in a JPG file

First you need to have a .rar file and a .jpg image to hide the rar. Let us suppose the jpg is “image.jpg” and the rar is “file.rar”.

Go to Windows command prompt (Start>Run>type cmd and press enter)

Now type this command: copy /b image.jpg + file.rar newfile.jpg

switch “/b” indicates the copy function is binary.
“newfile.jpg” is the resulting image with the rar file embedded (you can use a name of your choice)

That’s all!!

When you click on newfile.jpg the image will be displayed. Now if you change the jpg extension to rar (ie: newfile.rar) and open it with WinRAR the contents of the embedded rar file will be displayed.

The jpg can be replaced with a bmp,png,gif or swf file. The rar archive can be replaced with zip,tar.gz/bz2 or 7z archive. Actually in theory you can use any image format and any archive.

Here are some sample commands:

copy /b image.bmp + newfile.jpg
copy /b image.gif + file.7z newfile.jpg
copy /b image.png + file.tar.gz newfile.jpg
copy /b image.swf + file.rar newfile.jpg

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Alex said...
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Bijay Mishra said...

Hmmm !! seems Need a try...Let C

Alex said...

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