Monday, June 15, 2009

Time to wake up!

Barbarity! Inhumanity! Heinousness! Atrocity! Savagery!

These are the synonyms that my small dictionary offered to me as I searched for the right word to define the incident that happened today at Chabahil. Sadly, I believe none of these exactly represent what I want to call it!

A mob attacked a stationary microbus parked on the side of the road. The passengers of the microbus were small school children – who had to ran out crying for the mob started pelting it’s windshield with stones.

How shocking is that? Since I saw the photo for the first time at around 3 PM, I am feeling bothered, a kind of numb feeling, and every time I look at these photos I feel a chill running from my heart to my back.

If Keshab Thoker, the photojournalist, had come to me and interpreted the event without the photos, I would never have believed him, for I thought, the peace-loving Nepali would never do such an inhuman act. But there were proofs and that left me trying to think what these innocent children were thinking at that time.

No blame game! I don’t want to blame any party or political leader or anything like that, but probably the ever-flowing news of violence had left us senseless – without any feeling – and that way we, the once proud Nepali as peace loving people, are turning savages from human.

Sadly, there seemed very little things we could do to stop that [and those who could help a little are not willing; for there interest comes above all including the humanity, the nation and the social welfare].

For all of us, it’s now time to wake up!

(All photos copied from

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