Monday, July 20, 2009

How to convert CBZ & CBR files to PDF

I noticed some users looking for this, so here’s how to convert CBZ and CBR ebook files into PDF.

Rename the files so that the .CBZ and .CBR extentions are changed to .ZIP and .RAR, respectively

Decompress these into a folder; any of these freeware programs will do this: Extractnow, 7-Zip, TugZip, and Filzip.

Install a PDF virtual printer. I recommend the free PrimoPDF because it provides multiple print quality options.

Open the newly created folder, select all image files, and print all of these collectively. These will print in alphabetical sort order, which is exactly the order CBZ and CBR files are displayed in CDisplay and other readers; see screenshot for how you can do this. More instructions on printing images en- masse in XP can be found here. Another way to print collectively is through your image viewing program, as most support this functionality.

Navigate XP’s photo printing wizard. You probably want the Full Page Fax Print, to guarantee that nothing is cropped out of the images. Make sure to send to the virtual PrimoPDF printer.

Once the PrimoPDF quality options are displayed, select the quality that you want. Unless you want a smaller PDF than the original CBZ or CBR file, the “prepress” quality setting will give you the highest quality setting, which should generate a file size roughly equivalent to the original.

That’s it, you’re done.

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