Sunday, July 5, 2009

How to disable "Your computer might be at risk" pop-up

Have you seen those warning pop-up in your computer desktop? Isn't it annoying? Even though you have installed antivirus, turned on the firewall, or using other firewall like Comodo Firewall or Sygate Personal Firewall, the warning still pop up. How to disable

Step-by-Step guide:

For Windows XP:
1. Open 'Control Panel' and double click 'Security Center' icon. Or Just right click the icon, choose 'Open Security Center'.

2. A 'Windows Security Center' windows will pop up.

3. On the left tab you will see 'Resources', click 'Change the way Security Center alert me'.

4. Under 'Alert Settings' windows, uncheck all the check box if you don't want any alert.

For Windows Vista:
1. Open 'Control Panel' and double click 'Security' icon.

2. On the 'Security' window, click 'Security Center'. Or Just right clcik icon, choose 'Open Security Center'.

3. A 'Windows Security Center' will show. On the left tab you will see 'Resources', click 'Change the way Security Center alert me'.

4. A window will pop up, choose one of the three option which do prefer to use.

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