Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Mistakes in Movie

1. When Latika is a dancer, in one shot she does not have a nose ring, but in another shot she does.

2. On the final question, it is displayed on TV as "Dumas'", but on the close-up of the on-stage monitor, it says "Dumas's".

3. When Jamal's gang steals parts of the car, Jamal is hit by the driver and gets his left eye swollen. However, in the scene when he washes his eye, his reflection in the water shows that 'his' right eye is swollen, then in the next scene it is his left eye that is swollen.

4. When Jamal is lowered from the roof of the train, Salim is seen from below leaning way over the edge of the train. Because of the curvature of the roof, and the fact that he was supporting Jamal but the rope wasn't anchored to anything, there's no way Salim could have leaned over that far.

5. Jamal follows his brother to Javed's house and sees Latika. Later he is forced to leave the house, and while standing at the door, the collar of his shirt is lifted. Then the shot switches to Latika and when it returns to Jamal, the collar is in place. The shot changes again and as he stands outside, the collar is lifted again.

6. When Jamal follows his brother to Latika, the car changes; see both the right tyres.

7. When Jamal followed his brother to his house he wore a light blue polo, but when he entered the house and got a chance to speak with Latika, it changed to a blue dark printed polo.

8. In the song 'Jai Ho', at a certain point the time display in VT station shows 00.58.37, but in the next scene the time is 00.58.33.

9. When Jamal arrives on a train to VT station, he is travelling on the first track. When he alights from the same train, he is on the second platform.

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