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How to install nepali unicode in windows vista ?

Nepali Unicode Installation
Before installing Unicode Driver in your computer if Windows XP is installed, please consider that you need to install Complex scripts in your computer. To install the complex scripts in your XP installed computer, please follow the following instruction given to you.

For Vista please look at the bottom of the page in Note section.

1. Operating system (OS) CD, for e.g. Win XP CD
2. Unicode CD or Downloaded Copy of Nepali Unicode

Prerequisites to run the Unicode in Win XP
1. Go to Control Panel

2. Double Click on the Regional and Language Options icon.

3. You will find Three Tabs (Regional Options, Language and Advanced) on the top.

4. Click On the Languages tab, you will find the two checkbox unmarked. To install Unicode, You have to mark the upper one check box written a text of “files for Complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai"). When you click on it, an Alert window will appear. Click on the OK button.

5. Now, Click on Apply Button of this Language Tab thereafter, you will be asked for Win XP CD. Then insert XP cd in your CD ROM. It will take certain time in copying some scripts from XP cd to your computer.

6. After installing the complex script you'll be asked to restart the computer.
Click on YES button to restart the computer.

Installation of Nepali Unicode in your computer
Two different keyboard layout of Unicode are available to you.

A. Traditional Layout
If you feel comfortable with True Type Font (TTF) for example Preeti, Kantipur etc for typing then it will be easier for you to use Traditional Unicode Keyboard Layout that resembles with TTF except in some ‘??????’.

To install the Traditional Keyboard Layout of Unicode, please follow the following instruction.

i. Go to the Unicode folder.
ii. Go to the Nepali Traditional folder.
iii. Double click on Setup file.

B. Romanized Layout
If you are not familiar with any nepali typing, then it might be easier to use Romanized keyboard layout. To install the Romanized Keyboard Layout, please follow the given below instruction.

i. Go to the Unicode folder
ii. Go to the Nepali Romanized Key folder
iii. Double click on Setup file.

C. You can install both of the keyboard layout drivers in a computer.

To make the setting of Unicode please follow the following instruction.

1 .After the completion of installation, please follow the instruction of step one through three as given in the above prerequisite steps.
2. Click on the “Language Tab”.
3. Click on the Details at the middle-right hand side of this window.
4. You will find a new window with heading of “Text Service and Input Language”
5. By default Setting Tab will open. You will find Add, Remove button at the right middle of this new window.
6. Click on Add button.
7. A new window will appear. Add Input Language as header.
8. Click on Input Language Combo box and select Sanskrit as Input Language and NepaliRomanized or Nepalitraditional as Keyboard layout.
9. Click on OK. If you need both of the layout add both of them by following the earlier procedure.
10. Click on Apply and OK Button.

You can see a language bar at your desk either at the right bottom side of the Window or Top-Right of the Window.

To interchange the Languages (Nepali and English), Please press Alt+Shift key and start to type.

System Requirement
To run the Nepali Unicode Program, there must be following system requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP or above.
Office Application: Office XP or above
Downloaded copy of Unicode or Unicode Installation CD.

Note: Windows 98 or below does not support Unicode and only Windows 2000 or higher operating system(OS) supports Unicode. So, Nepali Unicode softwares run only in Windows 2000 or higher OS.

Note: If the Windows Vista is installed, it is needed only to install unicode either Nepali Romanized or Neapli Traditional or both. The further steps are not required as the Windows XP needs to setup of Unicode as described in Section C.

Installing is easy and you just have to configure the settings. In XP and in Vista process is same.

First of all, run an installation file of unicode (Romanized), then go to control panel.

Run set up file;
Go to control Panel;
open language and regional settings;
Open Regional Language Options;
Go to Language Options ;
select "sanskrit" as primary;
expand tht box and select "nepali unicode(romanized)" in second;
click "ok";
you have successfully installed it;
press "alt+shift" once to type in nepali;
and press "alt+shift" once to type in english;
Restart the computer.

Download Nepali Unicode

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Anonymous said...


I have lost my XP CD,Can I install Nepali unicode without XP CD? How to do this?

I cannot perform setp No. 5. Please kindly help me by explaining how to do it without XP CD.

I search so much,nobody explain about it.

thank you in advance.


binod said...

i have been using xp operating system but no cd rom in my computer. can you please explain how i can do it???

rabin said...

how to type nepali

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