Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Make Free STD-ISD calls using Skype

We can see so many tips and tricks on Internet which says make free calls or cheap STD-ISD calls and most of them don’t even work. Here is one trick which I tried and worked for me. I’m sure this will work for you.

Though before sharing this trick, most of free voice call features works on advertisement. They provide you free calling feature because they run advertisement before the call. This is the same in the case of free SMS.

To make this free calls we are going to use Skype (I mostly use Skype Messenger). Open Skype and key in this number

1-800-3733-411 (1-800-free-411)

Since its a 800 number you will not be charged anything. You will be welcomed with an automated voice message. Upon asking, for various voice response say free call.

After That dial your desired phone number. This free call will last for 5 minutes only but you can again redial the number by restarting the process.

I’m sure by using this you can save lots of your bills on your phone calls. Do share any other trick you know to save bills on phone calls.

If u don't have skype installed you can download it from Internet. Ok! I am providing u the link here. It's all free stuff.

Download Skype.

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