Saturday, November 7, 2009

Play tricks with your friends while chatting!!

Hi friends...I know that many of you know what an IP address is. Ok! I will go directly into what i posted this topic for. This is just to show you how well u can play tricks with ur friends with whom u r chatting. Now consider that u r chatting with a friend in yahoo messenger.

U can find out his IP address if u can make him accept any file from u.

Yes that's true. It is just a single word that does all the work. Now first what u have to do is, just keep speaking with ur friend. Then be ready with the command prompt open. Then when the command prompt is ready, send a file to ur friend.

NOTE: File can be with any extension, any length!!

When ur friend starts downloading ur file, a peer-to-peer connection starts off. So now immediately when he starts downloading, u must type "netstat" in the command prompt and press enter button. By this process you can find your friend's IP address.

Wait not be in a hurry. This command will give u nearly 5-6 addresses in a table format. So ur friend's address is the foreign address. You can search for "Foreign IP address" in that table.

And... tease ur friends by saying I have ur IP address now...

ha ha ha enjoy...

Have a great day!!

NOTE: The misuse of IP addresses is an illegal activity. So try at your own risks.

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