Monday, December 7, 2009

How to Remove Underline below Text Link in Blogspot?

In some Blogspot Template, if we want to link to other page or other web there is an underline below in the text link. For some user to make the template more beautiful, they want to remove the underline below text link.
Do you know how to remove it?

Ok , Follow the instruction below:

Note: Before you do the trick its recommended to backup your template first!

1. Login to blogger, then choose "Layout --> Edit HTML"
2. Find this code below (Tips: you can use Ctrl+ F and type a:link)

3. If you find the above code , change to this below code:

Note : if you find that your code in the template like below pic:

Simple, Just add the code text-decoration:none; below each color. The code will be like this :

Preview and Save the template. Refresh your Blog page to see the differences.

text-decoration:underline; -> Using Underline Link
text-decoration:none; -> it will remove underline Link
a:link -> tells the browser how links should appear.
a:visited -> shows the style for links that have been clicked or visited.
a:hover -> the link style you would see when the cursor or mouse moves over the links.

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Aakar said...

Informative post bro...

Bijay Mishra said...

Thanks aakar bro!!

SpeedDemon said...

thank you, everyone had it wrong but you ... thanks again

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