Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Controlling Twitter and Facebook via Email.

Being a blogger it is important to share links of the posts across various platforms. Here is where I found Flexamail quite handy. It is a service which allows you to send and retrive information to Twitter and Facebook without even the need to visit any webpage. All you need is to log into your email account.

What Is Flexamail?
Flexamail allows you to control the web while never leaving the comfort of your inbox. You can post images, share files even surf the web! If you know how to use email, you already know how to use Flexamail.

First You needed to register with Flexamail with your Email Id.

The you have to configure with your username and password for Facebook and Twitter.

Finally you can start using Twitter and Facebook with your Email account.

How does it work?
When you send an email to particular email address of Flexamail you can send a tweet and update your Facebook wall too.

What you type in the subject line is sent over as a tweet while what is in the body of the email message is posted on your Facebook Wall.

It also has other options to check 10 recent wall updates, 20 tweets from friends and also helpful in sharing images.

What Can you do With Flexamail?
Access popular sites like Twitter and Facebook all from your email without needing a proxy.

Avoid pesky firewalls getting in your way, access websites and services regardless to your office or country's firewall settings.

Post, share and track any type of files and images online.

Password protect those files you don't want made public.

Securely backup your files online.

Save money on your cellphone plan with an email only data plan.

Publish a photo from your iPhone or Blackberry without needing to open an app.

Stay organized with sortable, sharable, drag and drop lists

tweet@flexamail.com (sends subject line as tweet on twitter)
fbwall@flexamail.com (sends email body as post on Facebook Wall)

Try it out but visiting Flexamail and use your email to control Facebook and Twitter account.

Let me know your view through your comments.

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