Thursday, February 11, 2010

KillAutorun : Application That Helps To Avoid Your Removable Drives From Autorun Virus Infection.

Autorun is widely used by computer virus to infect other computer via removable drives. Windows XP is particularly vulnerable to this kind of transmission due to its behavior of executing autorun.inf file automatically (Vista and 7 do not execute autorun script without user approval).
Autorun viruses generally creates viruses autorun.inf files in the root directory of the local drives and removable drives like USB Flash drives etc. Due to the virus autorun.inf, when you double click to open these drives the virus spreads and executes the code inside these autorun files.

KillAutorun is a free to use program which prevents the infection of autorun viruses in your pen drives, and local drives on your hard disk on your computer. It creates a folder named AUTORUN.INF and backup autorun.inf files before deletion.
In order to protect all drives, click the option which says Create folder named AUTORUN.INF files in each drive in root directory.
After selecting the checkbox, click the button to scan all drives now and place the fake AUTORUN.INF folders so that virus files could not be created or copied.
Key Features:
KillAutorun will help protect your Windows XP system using these steps:
  • Disabling automatic execution of autorun script upon insertion of removable device.
  • Automatic deletion of autorun.inf file from your removable drive upon insertion. This is done to prevent accidental invocation of autorun script by double-clicking drive's icon from Windows Explorer.
  • Automatic creation of a special folder named 'AUTORUN.INF' that cannot be deleted to prevent creation of malicious autorun script by malware.
KillAutorun is recommended for Windows user who often logged in to their computer as administrative user.
Note: Once you run this program it will be displayed in the taskbar only, so you need to locate and click options to use it. You can also use KillAutorun on Vista and 7 but some features might not work due to UAC.
Download KillAutorun
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