Friday, April 9, 2010

Process Assassin : A Handy Tool To End Unresponsive Programs In Windows

Can you imagine how many hours we waste waiting on an unresponsive program to close. The Windows Task Manager can take time to close a program, and if it cannot close it, the only option is to restart the computer.

Process Assassin is a small piece of software designed to kill unresponsive programs immediately, without closing any of your other open programs.

Specific options are available for each kind of potential unresponsive offender. For basic Windows programs, there is a button to kill Explorer, Command Line, Task Manager, Kernel processes, Media Player and even Live Messenger.

Microsoft Office’s applications can be particularly annoying to close, especially for those of us who stack multiple, huge video files into our PowerPoint presentations. Besides the normal offenders (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Process Assassin can kill Outlook, Onenote, Picture Manager, Access and even Publisher.

Web browsers crash probably more than any of the other programs on our computers. Process Assassin has a button for each of our favorites, including Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer.

The final tab in Process Assassin is simply called other applications, and is designed to kill a select few of the other programs we use, such as Pidgin, Nero, BitTorrent and Thunderbird.

For those programs not on the pre-defined lists, you can simply click the great big Assassinate button and choose the non-responsive program from the list of running programs.

The program downloads as a zip file, and once extracted, it runs straight from its folder. So, as long as you can easily reach the folder where you store it, you can terminate programs quickly.

Note: It is designed to work with Windows versions XP or later.

Download from here: Process Assassin

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