Monday, August 30, 2010

Smart Virus Remover : A Solution To Pen Drive Icon Looking Like A Folder

Few days back one of my friend came across a trouble with his pen drive. When he connected the pen drive into the computer's USB port, the icon of the drive looked like a folder rather than a drive. Obviously it was a virus problem. I scanned it with Avira. But it could not find any infection though it was up to date. Then I tried this tool called "Smart Virus Remover". It scanned the drive and deleted the autorun.inf file. Then the icon was changed.

So if ever you face such problem then you may try the above. Download and Install it & click on delete autorun.inf files. Your drive will be scanned and Smart Virus Remover will delete the aurorun.inf file from it. Once you have done. Just unplug the usb drive and reconnect it. Sometimes you may need to restart the computer. You will see your icon restored.

Alternative Approach:
Start –> Run –> cmd -> ok

Type below:
attrib -a -h -r -s PenDriveNameautorun.inf
del PenDriveNameautorun.inf

attrib -a -h -r -s h:autorun.inf
del h:autorun.inf

Hope it should solve the problem.

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