Sunday, June 12, 2011 : A Website That Search for Downloadable Files Without File-Sharing Software.

The Web is full of files that you can use, but there’s no one place to download them all – be it a program, an MP3 or a PDF.. Not only is Google still a few steps behind in indexing all the downloadable files on the Web, but there is no way to filter your results to look purely for them. Thankfully, a new search engine called FindFiles is here to help you out. is a rapidly developing search engine for files of all types, operating its own crawler. FindFiles database currently contains links to 528,080,184 files. FindFiles supports all existing Mime Types (apart from standard html text-pages).

Well known examples are
♦ mp3 music and wav sound files
♦ midi musical instrument interfaces
♦ mp4, avi and quicktime videos
♦ jpeg, gif, png and tiff images
♦ Microsoft doc and Excel documents and exe executables
♦ pdf and plain text documents
♦ dwg AutoCAD and wrl virtual reality data files
♦ archives like zip, gzip and jar
♦ apps for smartphones like apk for Android and sis for Symbian
♦ epub electronic books

FindFiles provides you direct links (also denoted ′deep links′) to the files you are looking for. You may then download the desired file directly from the hosting server. FindFiles also provides you, for your convenience, with a link to the referring webpage. is a rapidly developing search engine that currently contains links to several hundred millions of files. The types include audio (MP3, WAV, MIDI), video (MP4, AVI), image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF), Doc, Excel, PDF, AutoCAD, archives (ZIP, RAR) and many more. All of the files come with direct links to where you can download them, thus making it an invaluable resource if you are searching for a textbook that you can’t find on Google or a rare song or ringtone that’s impossible to locate.


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Nice post. By the way, it is possible to check for malware before downloading at, the antivirus scan is free.

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