Monday, November 9, 2009

Some DOS tips, tricks and tweaks!!

Tip 1 :Disable Autoupdate

If you using Unregistered Windows. the auto update will be a big Problem to your system.

When you used the internet on your PC the auto update will connect the Microsoft and your system and show some error message like "'You are the victim of Software Piracy'"

So how can you easily remove Automatic Update and Security Center

Goto Start - > Run and type msconfig

In 'System Configuration Utility' window go to "Services" tab

Uncheck "Automatic Update" and "Security Centre" and Apply "OK" and Restart

That's all Enjoy!!!

Tip 2 : Filling Screen with rapidly moving text

1: Open up their Command Prompt.

2: Enter full screen (Alt + Enter)

3: Type "cd.." (without quotes), hit Return key, then repeat once again.

4: Type in either "color 2" or "color 9f" (without quotes) and hit Return. Color 2 turns the text green matrix-y style, and color 9f will give you white text on a blue background, BSOD style.

5: Finally type "dir /s" (without quotes) and hit enter. Suddenly the screen will begin to fill with rapidly moving text!

It is not possible to stop this once it has begun except by typing the key command "Ctrl + C" (without quotes).

This IS NOT hacking, just a cool trick to play on a friend when they are absent from a computer!

Hope this works for you all, it sounds like a lot to do if your under the pressure of a friend returning, but with a little practice this can be pulled off in ten to fifteen seconds!

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