Monday, November 9, 2009

Problem with Full screen mode while watching Youtube?

So you have a problem watching videos on Youtube full screen, does it works fine when it is in regular mode? Yes!! Good. But the problem is when you try to watch it full screen you end up with a dividing line from bottom left hand side of ur screen upto the top right hand side almost like a " / " with the top left hand side all Grey and the bottom right hand side is White, but no video will play? Audio will play, but no dice with the video. Or video just stops!! Are these type of problems occuring? Do you ever tried updating the flash player?? Yes!! or No!!! or after installing a new one it still doesn't work. Is the operating system vista or Xp? Ok!! try this solution my friend...

1. Right-click in the standard youtube video window (non-full screen).

2. Choose 'Settings' from the Flash Player's pop-up menu.

3. Uncheck the 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'
4. Click 'Close'.

Other Solutions!!!

1. Did you already download the latest Adobe Flash Player? If not then install a new Flash Player (for IE). You can download from here.Flash Player (for IE)

Perhaps it will work better for you. I have no problems going to full screen mode with YouTube videos using it.

2. You might check your Internet Explorer (If you are using IE) security level settings and make sure for "Internet" you have it set to the "Default level (Medium-High)". When I bumped it up to "High", I had problems with the videos to. (Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab). Hope this helps you track the problem.

3. Take help from this video on YouTube:Watch Here

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