Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Add Orkut Share Button on Each Blog Post ?

Now this tutorial will help you to place orkut share buttons on your blog (similar to facebook and twitter buttons as I have kept in my blog). When a visitor clicks on one of these buttons, s/he will be able to promote your posts through his/her orkut-promotions list.

Users can share the content and optionally promote it to make recommendations to their friends, which then appears in their activity updates. Every such shared item has the potential to spread virally and get wider attention from orkut users, increasing the traffic to the website.

Instructions to follow For Blogspot Bloggers:

1. Login to your dashboard.

2. Navigate through :Layout >> Edit HTML

3. Click on Expand widget template (before making changes to your blog - backup the current template)

4. Use your browser search to find </head> and place the below code above </head>

Now change the codes from http://biizay.blogspot.com/ as there in above code to your blog address like http://yourblog.blogspt.com

6. Now to add the button near your Retweet button or Facebook button.

7. Search for this line -

8. Now Paste the following code below this line

9. You can use text version of this button by using this code instead of above code which uses image :

10. Click Save Template and view your blog !

Now if someone clicks on the "Orkut Share" button, then a pop-up box will appear like this:

The above picture is made by me - if you want to have your own share button picture - you can change the image url which is given as http://i50.tinypic.com/30afg2w.gif on the above code.

Got something to say ? If you find any difficulty on adding the share button, please feel free to use the comments section - I'm here to help you!

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