Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to Add Retweet Button To Blogger Posts?

Twitter is being used by many bloggers to promote their blogs. This doesn't takes much of your time in contrast reaches all the tweeters who are following you and countless twitter users. This, for sure brings in more traffic to your blog. The Retweet Button along with the option to retweet, also displays the number of tweets made about the post.

Can you see the twitter's retweet button on right side of my blog along with Orkut and Facebook share buttons?

Eventhough retweeting the blog post means the credit as the original tweeter goes to tweetmeme, this sure gets more visitors to your blog. If someone likes your post, he can click on the Retweet button to post the topic with it’s URL in his twitter account and all his followers would get notified about this. This is the simple yet effective way to promote your blog posts on twitter.

Tweetmeme gives you two types of buttons,

* A button, which looks somewhat alike the Digg button

* A Compact version which fits in less space

Now how to add these buttons in blogger posts.

Goto Layout > Edit Html > Expand Widgets > Press Ctrl+F >Search For Below Codes:

And add the below code like as below:

This will add retweet button to your right of blogger post at beggining,if dont find the code enclosed in </p> Add above codes after it <data:post.body/> this will add this retweet button at end of the post.

Add below codes after this <data:post.body/> code to place button at end of post:

If you wanna use compact button code use below one.

Save your template and you are done. If you feel this post in usefull, please Tweet it.

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