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Getting Rid of Spam in Your Gmail Account.

Email spam, also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email (UBE), is a subset of electronic spam involving nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by email. Clicking on links in spam email may send users to phishing web sites or sites that are hosting malware. Spam email may also include malware as scripts or other executable file attachments. Definitions of spam usually include the aspects that email is unsolicited and sent in bulk. They can quickly fill up your email account if you don't do anything about it. Each email server deals with spam in a different way. 

According to Business Week magazine:
In a single day in May [2003], No. 1 Internet service provider AOL Time Warner (AOL ) blocked 2 billion spam messages -- 88 per subscriber -- from hitting its customers' e-mail accounts. Microsoft (MSFT), which operates No. 2 Internet service provider MSN plus e-mail service Hotmail, says it blocks an average of 2.4 billion spams per day. According to research firm Radicati Group in Palo Alto, Calif., spam is expected to account for 45% of the 10.9 trillion messages sent around the world in 2003.

Gmail is good at separating the spam for you so that you can get rid of it more quickly. It is easy to delete the spam and if you want to take it a little farther, you can get some of the spam to stop coming all together.

Opting Out of Spam
  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your Gmail account with your email address and password.
  3. Click on the word "Spam" in the upper left hand corner of your screen.
  4. Open up one of your spam emails and scroll down to the bottom of it.
  5. There should be a link for opting out of receiving future messages.
  6. Click this link to get off of the individual's email list.
  7. You may want to go this route so that you stop receiving messages all together.
  8. See if you have to type your email address in to opt out.
  9. Some companies will automatically take you off their list when You click the "Opt Out" link, but some require you to enter the email address you want to take off from their list.
  10. Click on the "Unsubscribe" link.
  11. You will no longer get spam from them.

To remove spam from your inbox:
  1. Select the message you'd like to report.
  2. Click the spam button in the toolbar above your message list. (If you have the message open, you can also report it as spam by using the same button.)

To remove spam forever:
  1. Click the Spam link along the left side of any Gmail page. (If you don't see Spam along the left side of your Gmail page, click the More drop-down menu at the bottom of your labels list.)
  2. Select the messages you'd like to delete and click Delete forever.
  3. Or delete everything by clicking Delete all spam messages now.

Automatically Delete Spam Messages in Gmail
  1. Open your Gmail Settings by clicking on the Gear button.
  2. Select Filters tab from it.
  3. Now click on Create a New Filter.
  4. Now a window will pop-up, look for the Has the Words field in this window and type “in:spam” without quotes.
  5. Leave all other fields empty and click Create Filter with this Search and select OK to proceed to next step.
  6. Check mark the box Delete it and Also Apply filter to next to Create Filter and click on Create Filter.
  7. Now you will see a message Your Filter was Created.

The more spam you mark, the better our system will get at weeding out those annoying messages. If you or we mark a good message as spam, select the message and click Not Spam at the top of the message. If you marked it as spam, you can also immediately click Undo afterwards to recover the message.

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