Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Simple Notepad Trick to Increase RAM Speed in a Computer

Is your computer running slow? Is it too slow that the Windows takes more time to start up? The speed of your system depends heavily on the amount of RAM installed and the operability of that RAM. If your computer is lagging or if applications are running slowly, you might have faulty RAM or not enough RAM for the amount of data you're storing.

Looking for a alternative to speed up your computing experience without having to buy a new computer? 

I was wondering if it was possible to increase RAM speeds at smaller increments than what is available in my BIOS settings. And. the question is .... Is there anything I can do to increase the speed of my RAM? Of course YES. A lot of method do exists. But, for now I am not going to discuss all of them on this post. What i am going to do is to show you the way of using a notepad to speed RAM (as simple as it is....isn't it?).

Come on let's try this out.....This notepad tricks make to clean your RAM space and boost up the computer speed.


(1) Open "Notepad"

(2) Copy below code and paste it in Notepad.

(3) Save Notepad file with “.vbs” extension. (Example: WipeRAM.vbs ).

(4) Close Notepad and Run this file.

Note: You can change RAM memory cleaning command depending upon your RAM size.

FreeMem= (256000000) - for 256 mb
FreeMem= (128000000) - for 128 mb
FreeMem= (72000000) - for 72 mb
FreeMem= (64000000) - for 64 mb
FreeMem= (32000000) - for 32 mb
FreeMem= (24000000) - for 24 mb

Precautions: Don't select the space that is larger than your RAM capacity.

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