Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crazy Riddles

1. Where was the first potato found? 
Ans: In the ground. 

2. What comes down but never goes up? 
Ans: rain. 

3. If three cats kill three rats in three minutes, how long will it take hundred cats to kill hundred rats? 
Ans: three minutes. 

4. What can fly but has no wings? 
Ans: Time. 

5. What always goes 2 sleeps wearing its shoes? 
Ans: Horse. 

6. I m like a ribbon, tied by nature, across the sky, what m I? 
Ans: Rainbow. 

7. How would u write nineteen that if one is taken out, then its 
remains twenty. 
Ans: XIX when one is taken out, its remains XX. 

8. There were ten sparrows sitting on a tree. A hunter fired and tow of them fell dead. How many sparrows were left on the tree? 
Ans: Non. 

9. Two sons and two fathers went hunting. They succeeded in hunting one pigeon each on counting it was found that they were only three pigeons.How is that? 
Ans: They were only three persons, son father and grandfather. 

10. Which is the hardest key to turn? 
Ans: Donkey. 

11. which part of London in France? 
Ans: -N- 

12: why ur nose is not twelve inches long? 
Ans: Because then it would be a foot. 

13. What r the largest ant in the world? 
Ans: Elephant. 

14.what is the easiest way to get to heaven quickly? 
Ans: just stand in front of the fast moving car 

15. Where do fish keep their money? 
Ans: at the river bank. 

16. Which sea has waves but no water? 
Ans: BBC. 

17. What do u calls an Arabian milkman? 
Ans: milk shaikh. 

18. Which is the most shocking city in the world? 
Ans: electricity. 

19. Why Pakistani cricket team given cigarette lighter? 
Ans: because they lost all their matches. 

20. Which fish lives in heaven? 
Ans: Angel fish. 

21. What do u calls a sleeping bull? 
Ans: A bulldozer.

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