Friday, May 22, 2009

How To Get Back Your Hacked Gmail/Orkut/Google Account!

Many have mailed me regarding how to get back my Hacked Orkut Account?

I searched Over net and Found this article.I hope this will be very useful for retrieving back your Hacked Orkut Account.

As Google Account is a single account used across all Googles services like Gmail, Orkut, Blogger, Adsense, Checkout. etc, it can turn out to be our worst nightmare if it gets hacked!

Like many other online services Google tries to protect your account with secret question as well as optional secondary email address. But there is one more official option which only Google Provides!

Now lets go step-by-step…
1. Trying “Forget Password” Option

I know this will not work in most cases, as options like forget password rely on secondary email address and security question, both of which can be easily changed once a account gets hacked. Still you should try atleast once as most password gets hacked by script kiddies and not by real hackers.

2. What if “Forget Password” Option Fails

You can submit a form to Google in which you can provide details about your Google Account usage.

Details include information which most likely only real owner can provide. Here are few things for example…

Last successful login date

Account creation date
Google products you used with this account and the date you started using each one
Details about Orkut account (if you use Orkut)
Details about Blogger account (if you use Blogger)

Now most important part is what they quoted on the form,

“Please answer each question as thoroughly and accurately as possible. If you’re not certain about some of the information, provide your closest estimate. Whether or not we can return your account depends on the strength and accuracy of your responses.”

So I will suggest following things…
Your goal should be to give Google maximum & accurate data! So take your time and submit form with maximum amount of information possible. You can consult your trusted friends if you are not sure. As an example it could be Sam or Bob who invited you on orkut. If you are not sure call them up and ask it!

Submit only one form! Yes this should be common sense. Do not submit multiple forms. A person who uses around 10-15 Google products asked me if he can submit multiple forms mentioning different Google products.

Submit form from the place which you use most often to access your account like PC at home! Although they haven’t mentioned this explicitly, line above submit button says, “Please note that we need your IP address in order to resolve this issue. Your IP address will be captured automatically when you submit this form.”

Finally Contact Form is here!

I advise everyone to have a look at this form and information it asks. You can prepare a document about secret info, may be in cell phone or pen down it on a paper. This will come handy if something goes wrong in future!  

I guess I have offered my best possible help on the issue. It may or may not work but thats all I can do. So do not mail me asking to hack any account!  

Update: If you don’t remember any detail required in the form or you just don’t get any reply from Google after submitting the form, please create a new account.

There is no other option. Sorry!!!

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