Monday, June 29, 2009

Back Up Your Widgets

This is one the most Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q) by most of the Bloggers.

"How should I back up my widgets when i upload a new template?"

Well there are actually two ways this can be achieved, as usual one is the very easy way and the other one a little complicated.

In this post I'll tell you the easy way and in a day or two I'll write about the second way in which you have to deal with the widget code inside the template.

So here is the easiest way to achieve this :

Lets assume that you have not installed the new theme,

Firstly log into your blogger account and go to the layout section. You will see all your widgets there.

Now what i want you to do is click edit on the widget you want to backup. Now you can see the code of it. Copy the whole code using Ctrl+a.

Open Notepad or Wordpad, paste the widget code there, do this for all the widgets you want to backup.

Give each widget its name above the code in the Wordpad or Notepad so that you wont be confused as to which widget it actually is. Now upload the new template and when warned that the widgets will be deleted select Confirm and Save.

Now after uploading the new template go to layout section and click "Add a gadget", now paste the widget code from the Wordpad or Notepad.

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