Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Was Buddha, Now It's Mt. Everest

It was Lord Buddha's Birthplace, our neighbouring country India tried making theirs. And now it's Mount Everest, highest peak of the world.

Nepal has always been known to the world as Lord Buddha's Birthplace and Country of Mount Everest. But with much unbalanced political condition, our neighbouring countries seem to get both of those away from Nepal and into their. A recent bollywood movie, 'Chandni....China' tried proving that Buddha was born in India, even though World Heritage society has already proven that Buddha was born in Nepal at Lumbini. Due to such blunder, this movie was banned in Nepal and the government requested the movie maker to cut that false information on the master print.

Yet, again something same is going on and we aren't aware about it. And this time it's by Google, a very well know internet giant. Google Earth, an application that lets us view the world via satellite have mentioned in their map that world highest peak - Mt. Everest is in China and not in Nepal. "This is something very unexpected by Google", Nepali Internet Users say. Since, there's no one to speak about this blunder, it's still there showing Mount Everest is in China.

Lets unite together and protest against this issue, or in near future, Nepal won't be known as the country of Mount Everest.

Jay Nepal.

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