Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Microsoft Outlook Fundas

Archive Your Data
An unnecessarily huge inbox folder can clog up resources and increase loading time. If you do not wish to delete messages from your folder, you can archive them to separate file. Dragging and dropping the selected files from the folder into archive folders and do this. Instead of manually doing this, you can use the AutoArchive feature in Outlook to do the work for you. To activate this feature, right-click the folder, click Properties and then click the AutoArchive tab.

Manage Junk E-Mail
Outlook comes with built in spam filters that offer limited capabilities for filtering out unwanted e-mails. Open your Inbox by clicking on Inbox on the Outlook bar and click on the Organize button on the Standard toolbar. Click on Junk E-Mail. You can either set the color for junk message or move them o another folder.

Distribution Lists
Outlook allows you to create distribution lists for conveniently sending email to a group of people. To crease a list, open Tools > Address Book. click on File > New Group. Enter a name for the group and click on Select Members to add contacts to the group. To send an e-mail to a group, crease the message you want to send and in the To field, enter you name. click on CC, and choose your group's name. To hide the names and e-mail address of the people whom you are sending the e-mail, click on the BCC button instead of CC. This message will be sent to every contact in that group.

E-mailing Notes
Sending a note in your Notes folder to someone via e-mail takes only a right click. Select the note you want to forward, right click it and click on Forward. A new e-mail dialog will pop up with the note attached.

Display Contacts by Nickname
If you have contact whose nicknames means more to you than his or her real name, you can display the entry by nickname instead of real name. To look up a contact using a nickname, open the person's entry in your Contacts list and in the "File as" area, type the nickname you want to use.

Customize Your Startup
If the Calendar or the Inbox folder is all that you star Outlook for, then make it your default folder. You can choose between Today, Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Task, Journal or Notes to start up when you run Outlook. Click on Tools > Options > Other. click Advanced Options and select the folder that you want to start with in the Startup in this folder dropdown list. Click OK to apply the changes.

Improve your Message Mobility
Outlook generally displays only one folder at a time. However, to help facilitate easier transfers from folder to folder, it is possible to open multiple windows with different folders. To do so, just right click the folder icon and click Open in the New Window from the context menu.

New Contacts from Incoming E-mail
Adding people to your Address book is a piece of cake if the person has either mailed to your or is included in any e-mail you get. The name can be in either the From, To or the CC field. To add contact from a person from an e-mail, open the right click name you want to add to the contact list. click on Add to Contacts in the context menu and entry for the contact will open with the name and e-mail address already filled in. Fill you other details if required and save the contact.

Ensure E-mail Delivery
Outlook features tracking options for your e-mail. now you can make sure that important message has reached its destination to has been read. While composing your message, click on the Options button on the Standard toolbar. Here you can enable a read receipt for yore message.

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