Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top URL Shortener Websites

On The Internet, We upload files, make our profiles and get some useful links. But those useful link, uploaded files and profiles have a long URL (universal resource locator) which is hard to remember. Here, I am sharing a list of useful website which make you able to short those long URLs of uploaded files, profiles etc. The Generator URLs will be not only short but it will be easy to remember too even you grandmother can remember those URLs.

TinyUrl.com a world's most used URL Shortener Service. That is free of cost and easily to use. You just have to enter a long Web Address and Just within 1 click, You will get a short URL. You do not need to register there or fill some forms to sign up.

Bit.ly is also a good URL Shortner. This Website not only Short your given URLs but also provide the facility to post that URL at Twitter. Google's Staff also use this website for their twitter accounts.

Another Good Service to Short the Long Website Address. This Website not only short the URLs but also provide you facility to chose your own keyword to make the URL short. This will put that keyword in the shorted URL. Normally you get some random words in shorted URL but this helps to put your own words instead of those random words.

www.is.gd is a good website to short URLs. This service is really fast and works quickly. Just put your desired long URL and you get a short URL after hitting a click.

DickensURL.com is another good free URL shortener. Simple and Easy Interface. But when you use the generated Short URL that URL will not redirect you toward orignal URL but first you will go on DickensURL.com page which will provide you details of shorted URL. On that page you will find orignal URL.

This is a useful website to short your long URLs. Easy to use. Just put your long URLs and get ridof that Long URL but having a short URL generated by bacn.me

CowURL.com is another good website to short the long URLs. This Website gives you subdomain.

Tini.us is a simple but useful URL shortener service which gives you couple of good options to short your long URLs.

Above List is of the best Website URL shortener. If You know or own any website which Short the Long URLs kindly

See you on my next post, Till than Take care of you and your beloved once.

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