Friday, June 12, 2009

Want to use Yahoo Mail with keyboard ?

Using internet emails with keyboard is fun. You can try these keys to do different functions in Yahoo Mail.

Note: To use these shortcuts you have to upgrade the Yahoo Mail to new version.

m - check mail
Shift+m - check all mail
Ctrl+\ - close current tab
n - new message
Shift+n - new message in its own window
r - reply
Shift+r - reply in a new window
a - reply all
Shift+a - reply all in a new window
f - forward message
Shift+f - forward in a new window
k - mark as read
Shift+k - mark as unread
l - flag
Shift+l - clear flag
del - delete item
p/Ctrl+p - print
Ctrl+s - save draft
Ctrl+Enter - send message
v - turn reading pane on/off
Ctrl+[ - navigate through tabs
Ctrl+] - navigate through tabs
Enter - open message in its own tab (when message is selected)
Enter - edit contact info (when contact is selected)
Ctrl+f - find a word or phrase in message
F11 - expand window to max height
Ctrl+. - next message (in message tab)
Ctrl+, - previous message (in message tab)
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+up arrow/down arrow - next/previous message
Ctrl+Shift+End - skip to oldest unread message
d - move message to folder
Esc - close read - message tab
Ctrl+Shift+End - start a new chat

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