Monday, June 8, 2009

When Chemistry Collide With Physics

Once the chemistry teacher was entering a class, he unfortunately collided with a lady teacher who teaches physics.The lady teacher scolded the chemistry teacher,U Newton, can't u control your velocity?Are u suffered from myopia?If so,no any lenses would fit u and only microscopic lens would enable u to see the world.

Listening to these words the chemistry teacher become furious at that time and told,First U try to combine with me to form a covalent bond ,so that your smile will also act as a catalyst.So, I changed into sodium.The solubility of my heart has increased to dissolve u even in my super saturated heart.

The lady teacher screamed ,the C.G.(center of gravity)of your heart is unstable and u have high upthrust. Your body has high centripetal motion towards me.By conduction and radiation the heat of your hand which has high specific capacity,has transferred on me and has increased my heat capacity. So water present inside my body has changed into vapour.If u talk like that I will reduce your frequencyof sound into horse sound. So, if u look me like that,then due to absorption of all rays,u will see black only.

The chemistry teacher becomes so angry and said u aquaregia!If u shout like that ,I will change u into salt and your metal like shining hair into coal.U high molecular weighted compound,I will change u into smalleat part of atom.Molecular arrangement of diamond like structure of teeth into Ruther ford's scattering like model.

The lady teacher become quite silence and told that the angle of incidence,u made with me was greater than the critical angle,how u so instead of getting total internally reflected of your body and how did u collide with me?The chemistry teacher told there is your fault also.If u talk like that then in presence of suitable reagent in office the substitution and reduction reaction will occur and u would be out of the valence shell of our college.

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