Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to change Google Logo?

All of us are familar with Google and we all use Google as the Search Engine. we can Easily Change Google Logo any name we like, we can also change Background image of google Page.

So Here is the Trick On How to change Boring Google Logo and Background Image:-

1) Using

Go to and Enter the name in the Text Box, which will replace google Logo. Now Click on Create New Button. Now you will see your Logo appearing instead of Google. Bookmark it and make it as your default home page. Now every time you open your browser, your own Search Engine will open.

2) Using GreaseMonkey firefox add-on, this trick works only for FireFox users.

a) Install the GreaseMonkey firefox add-on.
b) Now install the necessary script.
c) After Installing, open
d) Now Double click the Google Logo and a box will appear with two text Boxes, for title and color.
e) Now, you can type your own text and assign any color for each word.
f) Different Numbers represent different color: 1 – blue, 2 – red, 3 – yellow,
4 – green or other – random.
g) Now Click on the “Change” Button.
h) Now you will see new Google Logo.

3) Using

If you want a fancier text with Glitters, than go to and Enter Your Name and Select the Style you want.

Here is your own search engine with your own name. Now Bookmark it or make it as your default home page.

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