Monday, November 16, 2009

MSN Hacker : Recover/Hack MSN, Windows Live, Hotmail Account Passwords

Actually, the msn hacker is intended to recover forgotten msn, hotmail passwords. But, i will focus on how one can hack your MSN , Hotmail passwords.

Functionality of MSN password Hacker:

* MSN password decrypter (decrypt MSN Messenger password)
* MSN passwords decoder (MSN password decoder)
* MSN password cracker (crack MSN Messenger password)
* Recover MSN Messenger password (MSN password recovery)
* MSN password finder (find MSN Messenger passwords)
* MSN Messenger password ripper (rip MSN passwords)
* MSN password hack (will hack MSN passwords for saved accounts only on local accounts)
* MSN remote account hacker (not implemented)
* MSN password stealer (steal MSN messenger passwords) - please note that this tool should not be used to steal others’ passwords. This is illegal action and can be prosecuted.
* Multiple profiles (MSN ID’s) are supported

How to use MSN, Hotmail Password Hacker/Recovery:

1. Free Download MSN Hotmail Password Hacking software
Password of the zipped file:

2. Unzip the downloaded file using Winzix (free download HERE and Run the unzipped setup file. Now, open the software after installation on PC.

3. You will get something like in image. Simply, click Recover password.

4. You will get email id with password for that. So simple…

Now, how to use this msn hacker to hack MSN hotmail account passwords?? Just, run the program on victim computer and click “Recover Password” and you get his MSN Hotmail account passwords. Cheers….

I have tried to keep this simple. This MSN Hacker is tested on windows XP and windows Vista. If you have any query about Hacking MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger account password or have any other trick to hack MSN, Hotmail or windows Live messenger accounts, just mail me.

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