Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogger is ready to launch Static Page.

A lot of bloggers using Blogspot will now heave a sign of relief as now they have the option of creating pages just like the way you can create pages while using WordPress.

What is the static page?
Static page is a page that is not included with your post pages of your blog. This page is usually used for the pages of About Me, Contact Us, Terms of Services, phone number, a map to your location, etc.

This feature is not yet available on your blogspot url. You need to sign into its draft version. Just like Google has Labs page for showcasing and testing new features and applications, Blogspot has draft. You can create up to 10 pages.

How to create a pages on Blogger?
To create, you must sign into draft by clicking here

Now that If you have logged into your draft blogger account, all you need is to go to your blog’s dashboard and visit the Posting section and find a new tab named ‘Edit Pages‘.

Now, click on the 'New Page' button. The post editor will appear, and please fill out as you want. After that, click Publish Page

Once your page is published, you can link to it from the new Pages widget. The Pages widget lets you add links to your pages as tabs at the top of your blog, or as links in your blog's sidebar. After that, an option will appear, whether you want that page on Blog sidebar, tab Blog, or No gadget. Give an option and then click Save and Publish.

In the Pages widget, you can decide which pages will have links, and in what order they will appear. You can also choose whether or not you want links automatically created for pages when you create them by checking or unchecking the box to the left of Add new Pages by default.

Please see the result on your blog.

You can create pages and also add them to either blog sidebar or to blog tabs under the header. Just create a page and you will be prompted automatically to select with the pages widget.

You also can manage and arrange this static page through Layout tab and then Page Element.

Welcome Blogger static page!

Is Blogger trying to stop the migration?
I still think that Blogger is something that people love using for its simplicity. Wordpress has the ability to create pages which does make a first choice for many developers as it is not just blog oriented. Blogger with the option of creating pages will obviously make it better for blogspot fans to stay on and not migrate.

What do you think? Will Blogger give Wordpress competition in the future?

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