Monday, March 8, 2010

Be Careful! Blogger Is Deleting Many Bloggers Blogs. How To Be In Safe Side ??

The bad news is heard often lately. Blogger is intense to delete blogs, even the blogger accounts as well. Therefore, be careful!

The bad news comes from some of my friends that their blogs were deleted, and several days ago, one of my Friend's Friend blog was also deleted.

So how to anticipate our blogs in order not to be deleted by blogger? As the hirer, there is no really powerful way to overcome, but there are some tips to try on, at least, to reduce the risk of deletion or after a deletion.
  • Don’t do the things to violate the blogger’s Term Of service.
  • Don’t do the things under surveillance such as paid post review, selling links, over banner ads, etc.
  • Don’t install Auto-Blog (to post automatically).
  • Don’t post too many until hundreds in one day.
  • Don’t create too many blogs in one account.
  • Do the backup on your blogs regularly. You can do it with: Login -> Settings – Basic tab -> Export Blog. 
Separate the most important blogs to be one blog one account, don’t make them in one account with another low quality blogs. For instance, You have two most reliable blogs, so you can place them in different account, so that when one blog is deleted, there is still another blog in the other account. If both are deleted, just say goodbye.

To separate the most important blogs that are in one account with the others, you can create a new email, then you have to invite the email (as if it’s not you) to be the author (login – setting – permission) in your account, which has the same rights with the old admin. If done, just log in with your new email. And since in this new email, you have the same rights, of course, you can delete the first admin ha ha (still confused? Poor you!

If you want to invest a little amount of your money, you had better use, the custom domain or top level domain (TLD), so your blogs will be no longer as, but will be addressed as If the address of your blog has become the custom domain address, one day your blog is deleted, you can then create a new blog and import the deleted blog through your backup file. Then change the address with your previous one, just like the address of deleted blog. Need to know that importing the blog will be different with new posts, so the dates of posts and comments will be the same as before.

The wise way is just to leave your dependence on blogger, so please buy the web hosting at cheap price but with the quality, and then you can use Then import all of the data from blogger to wordpress and your blog will be back.

I hope it is useful, and the most expected one is your blog won’t be deleted by blogger.

Enjoy Blogging My Friends!!

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