Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How To Recover Corrupted Files From CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc ?

Although CDs and DVDs are better mode of storing data, they are always prone to scratches and damages if not stored properly. CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc Recovery is a simple freeware application that will help you recover corrupted files from CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Disks.

The application scans disk sectors, rescue the damaged files and copy the correct data to hard disk as possible as it can. The program is especially effective for corrupted digital multimedia files, audio, video, image files, MPEG, AVI, RM, MP3, JPEG etc, and for damaged document and text files.

It supports many types of optical disk such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, BlueRay disks and file systems such as ISO9660 and UDF.

How to Use ?
1. Add a folder of CD/DVD/BlueRay to the list by clicking the "Add Folder" button. It can be the drive name of CD/DVD/BlueRay if you want to copy the whole contents of the CD/DVD/BlueRay.

If the directory structure of the CD/DVD is damaged, try to select files on the CD/DVD/BlueRay to the list by clicking on "Add Files" button.
Hint: You can also drag and drop folders or files from CD/DVD/BlueRay to the list.

2. Click the "Browse..." button to change the output folder if necessary.
You may control the speed of copying. The "Normal" is default. But in case of very corrupted CD/DVD/BlueRay disks, its better to change it to "Slowest (Best Quality)" option.

3. Click the "Copy" button to copy files from CD/DVD to the destination directory.

4. After the copying process is done, the status is reported in the bottom view and is saved to a log file. Click the "View log" button to open the log file.
If you want to start the next copy, click the Clear button to remove all contents in the source list. And then add new folders or files to the list.

NOTE: The unregistered version only recover 99% of the corrupted file and will expire in 30 days! You can get the registration key for FREE given below.

Registration Codes
This software is a DemoFreeware! It means that it required to register but you don't need to buy it, the registration code is available for free! Select one of the name and serial below to register the CD/DVD/BlueRay Recovery. Copy and paste registration information into the software to activate the full version!

Name: Martik
Serial: 93016666K1M71T3WAM

Name: Martik-Scorp
Serial: 93016666QA0O6KJCXP

Name: Free
Serial: 93016666J4WVBEN8H4

Name: Freeware
Serial: 930166664ULI86LHSK

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Aakar said...

hmmm...i must try on mp3 dvd...

Bijay Mishra said...

So Did it Worked Aakar??

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