Wednesday, July 28, 2010 : A Website That Convert YouTube Videos to Animated GIFs

Why would we want to turn a YouTube video into a GIF? Well, GIFs upload easily onto personal Web pages on places like MySpace. Instead of having to click on the entire embedded video and waiting for it to load, your followers will see the GIF as soon as they click on your page.

GIFs have limitations, though. Since a GIF is really just a series of images played in sequence, these images are often very large and may take time to load on slower internet connections. For this reason, GifSoup limits us to 15 second video clips.

The process to make a GIF is easy. First, paste a URL into the box under the words Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos. Then click the yellow button that says Create GIF.

The site then prompts you to register. If this is your first time using the site, you will need to create a user name and password. Click Register when you are finished.

Your video will then load into the video maker. You can play your video in the player at the top of the screen, then click the Start Time button to start recording frames for your GIF and the End Time button when you are finished. You can restart these multiple times, so making a mistake is not a big deal. Remember: you can only record 15 seconds.

Give your GIF a category and title. If you want to keep your GIF private rather than sharing it with other GifSoup members, put a check in the box next to Private. When you are ready, click Preview to view your GIF. Your GIF will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you like it, click Finish. Otherwise, you can keep playing with the start and stop settings until you do like it.

GifSoup then displays choices for using your GIF. You can give a direct link to the video, copy a code to paste the video in a forum, email or Web site, post the video directly to your favorite social networking site, or download it in either small or original size.

GifSoup does exactly what it claims to do. You can turn a YouTube video into a GIF in just a few seconds with little effort. While we struggle to think of a professional use for this (since there is no sound in a GIF, and GIFs have largely lost popularity in the past few years), it is fun to turn comical video into an animation to share with friends.

Visit the Website HERE

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